Pet Odor

We love our pets, but… unfortunately they create the most common odor problems for residential customers, who find it hard to live with as well as embarrassing.

If you can’t find it, you can’t eliminate it. One of the things that set us apart is the use of a black light inspection to find every “accident” so there is no question about thoroughness. With lights out, and the black light on, Rover's indiscretions glow like the moon!

Many factors can influence which approach is best to take:

  • 1

    Location of the stains (near baseboards, tack strips, furniture, etc.)

  • 2

    How much of the carpet pad has been saturated to sub flooring

  • 3

    What kind of pet you have (cat urine is worst)


A good carpet cleaner will know which cleaning solutions are appropriate to use for the best result, and will give you options that can range from surface cleaning to the latest advances in solutions that can permanently remove any unwanted smells, such as urine, cigarette smoke, skunk, or kitchen odors.

Lincoln Cleaning has had great success in helping customers restore, maintain, and learn about special tools that are available like the black light, moisture meters, and spot cleaning machines.

Did you know? There are Health Effects from Breathing Cat Urine Odor.