Commercial Services

Accommodating work hours, privacy issues, security and other problems unique to your business are all important to us. Whether you have a small office, large building, or rental properties, keeping them maintained properly saves time and money, frequently because of our talent for creative problem solving. Give us a call and set up an appointment for a complete walk- through estimate for your business, and start getting the service you deserve.

Why commercial clients use us

At Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration we understand the unique needs of our commercial clients. Our long term loyal clients will tell you how much they value our trustworthiness and dependability. The cleanliness of your carpet, rugs, upholstery, tile, stone & grout will exceed your expectation because our business is based on client satisfaction. We know how important it is to be on time, be flexible within your desired time frames, and operate within your budget. With Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration’s extremely professional approach, your business will ALWAYS come first.

Our hours

We work evenings, weekends and around your schedule. We are flexible so that you are successful!

Looking for a new service provider?

We only work with commercial accounts that are interested in building long term partnerships with us. After over 20 years in business we know this is the key to business success. You are our most important asset and therefore, we go above and beyond to make sure you know it! A clean place of business can make all the difference

Why should you get your carpets cleaned?

When your carpets are clean it...
  • Ensures sanitation. Don’t lose money because your employee’s are sick!
  • Maintains the value of property
  • Reduces the rate of depreciation
  • Creates aesthetics…customers make judgments about your business based on how clean your place business is!

Why will this benefit my business?

At Lincoln Cleaning we can help maintain your facility and brand image. Not only will we do this but we will also save you money! Proper, consistent carpet maintenance is critical to extending the life of the carpet. When you regularly maintain are properly care for your carpet, you prevent premature carpet replacement which costs you BIG MONEY!!! We know that your commercial carpet is a significant investment and we can help you protect it.

What sets our cleaning system apart?

We hygienically clean, sanitize and deodorize carpets utilizing a 5-step environmentally friendly system of cleaning. We do this by using a method of cleaning called "encapsulation," which is simply the process of "crystallizing" dirt and soil. As the cleaning agent dries, it forms a crystal around dirt, dust mites, mold spores, and other pathogens in the carpet. The crystals are then removed the next time your cleaning service vacuums, leaving your carpets hygienically clean. The "tools" that we use are a biodegradable encapsulate (which "crystallizes" dirt & soil, allowing for easy removal) The Whittaker Smartcare Machine is the most effective way to loosen and remove dirt & soil from carpeting, leaving them "like new". Does this sound like a good fit for your business? Give us a call today to set up a free consultation and demo!

What buildings do we clean?

Our locally owned business specializes in cleaning office buildings, hospitals, educational facilities, medical offices, and more.

What locations do we service?

We are available to travel anywhere in California but usually focus on Butte & Glenn counties including Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Durham, and Orland. Services can be scheduled after hours or during the day and maintenance follow ups will be scheduled based on your needs.

Here is what our Commercials customers say about us:

“As previously discussed, I recently took over the position of Claim Support Supervisor a few months ago and found the carpets had not been cleaned in the service center for several years. We lease our office and the carpets were not in the best condition and quite soiled in the high traffic areas. I spoke with you on the over the phone and you reviewed the procedures and things that were pertinent to us having our carpets cleaned in the most efficient manner. Your crew arrived in a very timely manner and I must commend your employees, Jason and Dave, for doing an outstanding and thorough job. The following Monday, several employees commented on how great the carpets looked and how the color seemed to have come back, as well as all the spots disappearing in those problem areas. It’s nice to know that besides rendering your services in a professional manner, that you have very competent, professional and personable employees providing excellent customer service. We look forward to working with Lincoln Cleaning& Restoration again in the near future.”
Cheryl J. Roussel
Claim Service Support Supervisor
State Farm Insurance Company

“Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration has been providing services to Enloe Medical Center for over a decade. Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration has always preformed services when promised and the finished results have always been exceptional. Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration has always been professional when dealing with the Doctors, Nurses and staff here at Enloe Medical Center.” “Every dealing that I have had with Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration has always been positive and professional. They always complete the work within the time frame that has been given. Their work is above the standard and is done with care and precision. Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration is an integral part of the Chico community. I highly recommend them without any reservations for any project in any capacity anywhere.”
Alan Williams
Director EVS
Enloe Medical Center

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the job your crew did on our office carpets, Friday. Dr. Truhe said that this is by far the best job EVER! He said prior to the job, that this would be the last time he would clean this carpet, as it is so old. After Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration finished the job, he said that we will be able to keep this carpet for much longer than he expected. It really looks like new.” “Thank you so much again for such a great job! We look forward to working with you for many years to come.”
Office Manager
Mark A. Truhe, D.D.S

“ North Valley Dermatology Center has been in the care of Lincoln Cleaning and Restoration since 2001. The care and expertise provided by Dan and his crew is phenomenal. It is evident that great pride is taken in the work that is provided. Lincoln Cleaning and Restoration have to our rescue on a number of occasions. Trust, dependability and cleanliness are crucial in our business. Thank you Dan for all that you do and thank you to Gloria, that wonderful voice you hear at the other end of the phone. It truly is a pleasure to work with them. We have recommended Lincoln Cleaning and Restoration with confidence to other businesses and will continue to do so.”
Anna Scott
Office Manager
North Valley Dermatology Center

“We were considering replacing the carpet in several of our high traffic areas but after only one cleaning from Lincoln Cleaning and Restoration the carpet looked new again. We have been working with the team at Lincoln since 2008. They always arrive on time, conduct themselves in a professional manner and leave us with carpet that looks new again. We happily refer our homeowners to Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration.”
Tammy Becca
Executive Assistant
Epick Homes

“Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration have been servicing Craig Student Living since 2008. Their service team members do a great job maintaining our facility. They are always on task and conduct themselves in a professional manor; they are always on time and very detail oriented. The office staff is always helpful with scheduling on short notice, too. I highly recommend Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration to perform any of your cleaning need.”
Joe McMurray
Service Manager
Craig Student Living

“Dr. Denis Westphal & Dr. Eugene Eddlemon have used Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration, exclusively, since the late 90’s. Dan has always made sure that everything was to our satisfaction. This local company is very professional while being extremely friendly. The staff is always clean cut & uniformed. The level of service is terrific and it’s truly wonderful to experience the honesty and know they are completely trustworthy. I have always highly recommended Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration.”
Linda Kunsemiller
Office Manager
Dr’s Westphal & Eddlemon

“Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration came to our rescue when we lost part of our roof in the storm of a few years back. Through their quick response the damage to our carpet was minimal. But it’s not only their work following the storm that we appreciate. They have been very willing to work around our schedule, and they have gone “over and above” to clean the carpets in our classrooms. Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration is a pleasure to work with.”
Dr. Ted H. Sandberg
First Baptist Church

“The Chico Association of Realtors has been doing business with Lincoln Cleaning and Restoration since long before my 8 years of being Association Executive. They go out of their way to be helpful, professional and remind us of an upcoming service, and they are always courteous and thorough.” “Dan Lincoln is also Affiliate Member of the Association for the past 16 years and does business with quite a few local Realtors. Lincoln Cleaning & Restoration is definitely a part of many real estate transactions in the area.”
Peggy Mead
Association Executive
Chico Association of Realtors

“OBGYN ASSOCIATES OF CHICO have been doing business with Lincoln Cleaning since 2004. We appreciate the personal care that Dan gives us and have always been very satisfied with their work. I have recommended many business’s to Lincoln Cleaning& Restoration. The trust, service and his office staff are unusual in this day and age.”
Sonya Reynier
Office Manager
OBGYN Associates of Chico